Workshops 2024

workshops in Schladming, Austria
led by Erik Bendix, Jana Boronova and Christoph Bacher

EASE ON SKIS is a dramatically new and effective ski teaching method. It trains you to find dynamic stability, effortlessness and grace on your way down ski slopes. Skiers at all levels of skill can benefit. In 2024, four workshops will be offered: one for beginning skiers, one for skiers who are no longer beginners, one short workshop on carving technique, and one to train future Ease on Skis teachers. Workshop content and maximum participant numbers are listed here. Fees, discounts and registration deadlines can be found below and under ‘Click to Register’. The same registration form can be used for all workshops.

EASE ON SKIS BEGINNERS WORKSHOP January 6th – 13th, 2024: For the first time, we are offering a workshop for beginning skiers only. In just one week, you can expect to learn to maneuver on skis, get up from a fall, come to a stop and begin making controlled gradual turns on skis. The process may seem slow, but the learning is quick. Safety and security come first, as does shedding anxiety and making friends. We expect to have great fun together. Maximum 8 participants. Some excellent teacher trainees may be assisting at this workshop, so students will get even more personal attention than usual.

EASE ON SKIS “USE YOUR HEAD” WORKSHOP February 24th – March 1st, 2024: This workshop is for skiers who are no longer beginners. Each workshop day begins with ski lessons and ends with group and private Alexander Technique lessons, local Austrian cuisine dining, and saunas for those who want them. You can expect ample personal attention, 5 full days of skiing, wonderful people to share this adventure with, and time to absorb your learning and enjoy the mountains. Maximum 12 participants.

EASE ON SKIS CARVING WORKSHOP: March 1st – March 3rd, 2024: For two days we will learn the secrets of carving technique from the most sure-footed carver we know, our own Christoph Bacher. Recommended for all teacher trainees and anyone wanting more control at higher speeds or on steeper slopes. Maximum 12 participants.

LOCATION:  Schladming, Austria (

In central Austria with direct rail links to Salzburg and Vienna, Schladming hosts an annual Alpine Ski World Cup race known as the ‘Night Race’. It has 4 linked ski mountains with 123 kilometers of ski slopes at altitudes of up to 2015 meters (6,611 feet), with expansive views of the Dachstein peaks. Nestled against a dramatic gorge, the town dates back to 1180 and has many excellent restaurants.

COST:  The 7-day Beginners’ workshop costs 1000 Euros/person. The 6-day ‘Use Your Head’ workshop costs 1650 Euros/person (1400 for early registration). The 2-day Carving workshop costs 450 Euros/person (375 for early registration). Teacher Training is again free this year. To separately book your discounted EOS room contact the Biohotel Bergkristall at (sharing a room reduces cost). The hotel provides generous daily breakfasts and discounted ski passes. Equipment rentals and other meals are not included, but we do expect to be eating in house this year rather than going out. The hotel recommends taking out travel insurance in case you need to cancel for health reasons (please ask them). 

REGISTRATION: Register online at for all workshops. For best price on the Use Your Head workshop, register by November 10th. For best price on the Carving workshop, register by November 17th.

STAFF:  Erik Bendix developed Ease On Skis over the last 25 years as he applied Alexander Technique to his skiing ( His book and film on his method are forthcoming. Jana Boronova ( is certified as a snowboard instructor, and as a teacher of Alexander Technique, Smart Yoga and Shaw Method. Christoph Bacher  ( is a certified Austrian ski instructor, an Alexander Technique teacher and a natural fitness instructor based in Berlin, Germany. He grew up in Schladming. Erik and Jana lead the beginners and teacher training workshops. All three instructors lead the ‘Use Your Head’ workshop. Christoph leads the Carving workshop.

REQUIREMENTS:  Participants need health insurance valid in Austria, and must comply with current local Covid-19 restrictions (


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This workshop is presented in partnership with Skischool Hopl in Schladming on the ski mountains Hochwurzen and Planai.

Ease on Skis Staff

A photo portrait of Erik in ski jacket and helmet looking and smiling up at the trees.

ERIK BENDIX founded and developed Ease on Skis. In his own words,

“I started skiing at age 10 while attending school at the Ecole d’Humanité in Switzerland. Skiing scared me stiff at the time. I reached moderate skiing competence by my 20’s, but failed to progress beyond that until I began studying the Alexander Technique. Then, suddenly, my skiing began opening up and has been opening since. Every day on the slopes now brings further improvement. I have been experimenting with applying Alexander Technique to skiing for over 20 years. In 2004, I was encouraged to go public with this work by Steven Shaw (of The Art of Swimming), and began teaching and writing about it. Movement touches all aspects of my life. I am known as a teacher of world folk dance traditions, I practice Tai Chi, I swim and I have a private practice teaching Alexander Technique and Body-Mind Centering®. I also write and translate poetry, a movement form in words. My experience of skiing goes far beyond words, often into bliss. I teach it because I want to share that.“

Jana smiles to the camera out on the slopes with mountains in the background.

Jana Boronova


Jana Boronova has been a key member of the Ease on Skis since 2015, first as part of the film crew and now as an instructor. In her own words:

I grew up in a city but have always loved spending time in the mountains. In 2009 I became certified as a snowboarding instructor. The year after, I moved to Melbourne, Australia to attend Alexander Technique teacher training course and graduated in December 2015. I have been lucky enough to be able to join Erik’s Ease on Skis workshop in Switzerland many years in a row and cannot wait to come back.

Christoph holds his skis and smiles for the camera.

Christoph Bacher


Christoph Bacher is both an Alexander Technique teacher and a certified Austrian ski instructor. He joined our team in 2017. In his words:

I was born in 1975 and grew up with skiing in the mountains of Austria. Later I completed training as a fitness coach and personal trainer. As part of intensive explorations of body and mind, I studied yoga and especially the Alexander Technique. My life and my work are imbued with these experiences. I live with my wife and our two wonderful young sons in Berlin.”

what others say about us…

Against a clear blue sky, Erik twists into a closely carved turn.

The name describes what I learned. I felt huge improvement in all aspects of my skiing – it really changed not just my technique, but also my whole outlook. I discovered a lightness, am less afraid, and more efficient with my energy. My legs are freer. THANK YOU !!!

Matthew Griffin

There is a mysterious joy I felt when I made that last run, with the turns going so well, at last.  Oddly, it carried over into my walking and even my driving…everything involving motion and forward movement… Hugely gratifying.

Ellen Bierhorst

…thank you for an inspiring week! I particularly liked the fullness and the simplicity of Erik’s ski program and how everything ‘clicked into place’ and matched my previous skills. Everything was understandable.

Rain Vainik

I was feeling almost no anxiety about falling. Instead I could enjoy the sensation of gliding, and the scent of the snow….I feel both vulnerable and safe.

Skiing is a great, fun way to experience this.

Beverly W.

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Erik Bendix, P.O. Box 9293, Asheville NC 28815, U.S.A.
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