Ease on Skis

Ease on Skis is a unique and fresh approach to how to learn alpine skiing. It teaches ski movement from the top down rather than from the bottom up. This makes skiing simpler, easier, lighter, maybe even safer. Ease on Skis draws on basic principles of movement learning discovered in the Alexander Technique and in Body-Mind Centering®. It was developed by Erik Bendix.

Erik gestures to his head with both gloved hands while teaching head-leading to Christoph and Jana.


Every workshop day begins with ski classes and lessons and ends with individual Alexander Technique lessons. Security comes first, and students progress as they are ready, building on movement skills learned first indoors, then on flat snow, and then out on the slopes.

drawing of Erik skiing a dropped turn over a bump

The Book

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The Film

is currently being submitted to film festivals (2023)

Warm sunlight bathes the Dachstein peaks across the valley from the Biohotel Bergkristall where we hold our workshops.


See photos of Schladming and from previous workshops.

Christoph, Erik and Jana hold their skis for a group photo against a snowy mountain backdrop.

our teaching staff

Ease on Skis Workshops

Ease on Skis workshops are available to anyone wishing to improve their skiing at any level. Participants are encouraged to get private Alexander Technique lessons prior to attending an Ease on Skis workshop, and to choose workshops appropriate to their current level of skiing skill. During a workshop, students get group and semi-private ski lessons in the morning hours when snow conditions are best. Alexander Technique private lessons are given late in the day to untangle any build-up of anxiety or tension and to allow learning to unfold in secure indoor surroundings. Goals for the next day are set as the last day settles down. We usually take our meals together. Evening times are free. Spending winter in the mountains is a pleasure in itself, and the people who come to these workshops have always been the biggest pleasure of all.  For information, click here.

what others say about us…

I was feeling almost no anxiety about falling. Instead I could enjoy the sensation of gliding, and the scent of the snow….I feel both vulnerable and safe.

Skiing is a great, fun way to experience this.

Beverly W.

…thank you for an inspiring week! I particularly liked the fullness and the simplicity of Erik’s ski program and how everything ‘clicked into place’ and matched my previous skills. Everything was understandable.

Rain Vainik

There is a mysterious joy I felt when I made that last run, with the turns going so well, at last.  Oddly, it carried over into my walking and even my driving…everything involving motion and forward movement… Hugely gratifying.

Ellen Bierhorst



Ease on Skis 2016

This past February, I had the good fortune to travel to the Alps to take Erik Bendix’ one week Ease on Skis workshop. I am a passionate skier, and not too bad at it, but having started skiing late in life, I am always frustrated by how slowly I seem to progress and how hampered I am by fear.